The Role of the Board of Management


The Board of Management will be responsible for all decisions relating to school management. Decisions / policy will however, follow consultation with the staff through the principal and the staff will carry out their duties in accordance with Board policy. The Board will do all in its power to support and advise the Principal and serving members will contribute their own area of expertise to facilitate the effective management of the school.

The Board of Management is responsible for the employment of a Secretary and Caretaker whose contracts will be determined by the BOM.


The Board of Management will also be responsible, for the employment of a nurse, and a cook. Their conditions of employment and contracts will be decided by the BOM.


The Members of the Board of Management 2015-2017


Mr John Costelloe


Mrs. Moira Lawler

Principal / Secretary

Mrs. Claire McInerney

Teacher Representative

Canon Pat Taaffe

Bishops Nominee

Mr. Tony Boland

Parents Nominee

Mrs Anne O Donovan

Parents Nominiee

Mr Eamonn Cuddihy

Representative for Community/treasurer

Ms Teresa Nash

Elected by the above






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