The Bluebells Class


The students in the Bluebells Class have been busy revising basic hygiene skills, for example, how and when to wash their hands; how to use a nailbrush and finally how to dry their hands properly. They have also practiced how to segregate waste correctly. In addition, they have been taught how to sweep the classroom with care; to use the dustpan to collect the waste and then segregate the waste using the correct bin.



Weather permitting we go all around the sensory garden and we notice the various seasonal changes in this amenity. We have practised simple everyday recipes such as how to use the toaster; make a sandwich; how to butter a slice of bread properly and how to use the George Foreman. We have also practised mixing the ingredients required when making muffins. The students learned how to wash and dry all the items used in each cookery lesson.

We love PE and enjoy doing circuits in the hall; at the moment we are practising our marching to the tune of ‘The ants go marching.’


In Art, we are currently reflecting the changing season through devising a Spring board which depicts newborn lambs, clouds, sun and the emerging buds and leaves.   





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