Welcome to the Butterfly Class!

 There are six Butterfly boys in our classroom: Caomhán, Dennis, Faidon, Kevin, Michael James and Ryan. There are four Butterfly staff who look after and teach the boys: Angie, Deirdre, Geraldine and Alex. We are Junior Infant class and all the boys will be six years old in spring and summer.

We like to do a lot activities every day and we are not afraid of challenges. We would like our students to be as independent as possible and also mannerly, so we focus on toilet-training, appropriate behaviour towards others, eating skills and instructions.

We love to participate in messy play, particularly using shaving foam, paints and glitter. We are covered in all but we take pride in our efforts and enjoy the fun! We take part in various experiments and learn that way. We experiment with food, different materials and actively participate in science activities.

We are very musical. We love to experiment with various instruments or listen and do actions to our favourite songs. Undoubtedly, our favourite song this year is ‘Baby Shark’. We listen to classical music too.

Another fun activity is playing shops. We set up our own fruit and veg shop. We enjoyed playing toy shop and we are planning to experiment with a garden centre too!

Most of all, we all have a good sense of humour, we are curious about things and most important, we have lots of fun!


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