The Fuchsia Class


In Fuchsia Class there are four boys aged 8-12. As our class is very busy, the boys work best with structure and the provision of a wide range of activities.


We use Discrete Trial Therapy to teach our boys skills through a variety of tasks that are tailored to meet their individual needs.


We have circle time and group activity each day covering a range of topics across the curriculum.


In the afternoons the boys enjoy doing different activities: cooking, art, music and drama. As the class show little interest in following recipes, cooking and eating food, we decided to explore food through food science completing fun experiments.


For P.E. classes for this school year we tried to keep it easy and fun. We started step-aerobics and kids’ dance. The boys follow simple step movements through a video. After a busy workout session the boys enjoy relaxation activities for kids. This helps to calm and regulate the boys, encouraging them to continue their class routine.






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