The Orchids Class


We have five fabulous girls in our class. They range in age from six years to fourteen years. We all work really well in each other's company. 

Art and craft are preferred activities. We are creative and artistic.

We read all types of books –tactile, sensory, story books, fact and fiction. We enjoy reading together.

Transition year students from a local  secondary school help us to enjoy. PE games such as bowling and parachute games. 

We work with switches to turn on lights, music and electrical equipment. We use them when baking in the kitchen.

The lights box programme is our most popular programme on the interactive screen.

Social outings are of particular importance to our class. Weather permitting we go to our local cafe. In school our favourite place to go is the sensory room.

Transition year students from a local secondary school also paint with us.

Our taste in music varies from songs from movies, nursery rhymes to one Direction and Ellie Goulding – we all love music because Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


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